25 Life-Changing Lessons Your Future Self Wants You to Know

#2. Sometimes mountains appear to redirect our path

Julie Lynn


Photo by Dmitry Shamis on Unsplash

Do you sometimes wonder why life has to be so hard?

Whether it’s a trial of bad relationships or the incessant anxiety that keeps you up at night or the hits you keep taking to your self-esteem, you feel like there are answers you keep searching for that you can’t find.

Life has a way of repeatedly hitting us over the head with lessons until we learn them.

But it’s never to late to learn.

Here are 25 lessons that will change your life and put you on the path to a better future once you learn them.

1. Unprocessed emotions destroy relationships

Until you heal your wounds, you will find the same troubles in different forms. When the same patterns keep repeating in your life, it’s a sign to look in the mirror, focus on yourself, and heal.

2. Sometimes mountains appear to redirect our path.

Not every mountain is meant to be climbed. Holding onto what isn’t meant for you will always bring you pain and anxiety.

3. Your environment matters