How to be a Respected Manager That People Love Working For

You don’t want the reason they leave to be you

Julie Lynn


Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

As a manager, there are few worse things to hear than the news that one of your valued employees is quitting.

It’s even worse now in this job market, where job openings abound, and it can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming to recruit top talent.

Employees leave companies for many reasons, some of which are outside of your control as a manager.

But one of the main reasons employees leave is because they don’t like their boss or their boss is contributing to a toxic work environment.

This is good news for you because although you can’t control all factors related to employee turnover, you can control how you manage your employees. And if your employees love working for you, they will be less likely to quit.

This is how you become a respected manager that employees love working for.

Manage Your Emotions

An emotionally reactive manager is not a manager employees love to work for and is one of the factors most likely to create a toxic work environment. It’s important for employees to feel safe in their working environments. They will not feel safe if they need to walk on…