Your Partner is Supposed to Trigger You

You can consider it a gift.

Julie Lynn


Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

I do not believe that we are ever fully healed. When you commit to personal growth and healing, you realize there is always another layer.

And while that may sound frustrating, it is simply part of the human experience. We are here, in part, to grow.

The more we grow, the more wounds we heal. The more we grow, the more blocks we bust through. The more we grow, the more whole we become. The more we grow, the more our life becomes filled with peace, joy, ease, and abundance.

Sometimes when I have done a lot of work around a particular issue, I will think I am done with it. However, life always has a way of showing me the lessons I still need to learn.

If there is still more work to do, eventually someone will trigger me. And though I initially might become angry or upset, I will eventually shift my mindset to view the trigger as an opportunity.

The person who triggered me has revealed an area to me where I am still stuck. And this stuck area is always preventing me from living my best life, whether I realize it or not.

When we are triggered, we are given the opportunity to heal something we may not have realized we still needed to heal.